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About Us @ OPS Art Gallery

OPS Art is a platform for India's most talented artists to showcase their work. These artists have been out there for long enough to be recognised, but only some have been till date. Rest of them enjoy this cathartic act (painting) with little or no desire for material gains. We present you with the opportunity to enjoy the works of their lifetime. All the paintings in our possession have been handpicked by the connoisseurs of concerned Art Forms and have further been certified by experts. 
Our business is based in Delhi, but each painting has been procured from the native region of the concerned painting's Art Form. We wish to deliver you authentic, original and beautiful art pieces and as it is said that, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" we expect you to appreciate the allure of even the most abstract and subtle forms of art. OPS Art is an initiative stemming out of a 30 year old business (Om Prakash Art Frames), our every art piece has a customer to delight and a name to preserve. It is a step taken by the younger generation to take the legacy forward. 

We have innovation and experience working together in our workshop and dexterously creating exactly what you need- magnificence. The thing we value the most is loyalty and it is two faceted; From our Artists- some of whom have been in touch with us for over 15 years and To our Customers- we have a few customers who have been employing our services and purchasing our products since 1990s and we have never let them down. Therefore, now the time has come that we fulfil our commitment to the world of art and provide a platform specifically for such exceptional artists to present their work and people who recognise its beauty to purchase it. Our only hope is that from our assortment of exquisite artworks you find the Art of your choice.